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Song Premiere: Rigby Summer “NY or LA”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Rigby Summer’s song “NY or LA,” from her album Geography, scheduled to be released on October 22nd. Geography was produced by Kyle Reid and Rigby Summer.

“NY or LA” is Rigby Summer on lead and background vocals, and rhythm acoustic guitar; Kyle Reid on lead electric guitar, second acoustic, and organ; David Leach on upright bass; Steve Boaz on percussion; and
Johnny Carlton on second vocal.  Rigby Summer has a raw style, delivering the counterbalance of her equally authentic songs.  “Give it up baby, tell me that you needed space….” 

This is one of my favorite February Album Writing Month stories and this is the only co-write on the record.

There is a gentleman in Austria who every February churns out DOZENS of lyric sets into the FAWM community and allows anyone to take a stab at composing music for them. When I looked at his list I saw “NY or LA” and I thought “hey! I like both of those places!” so I opened it and as I read the lyrics, I heard the rhythm and tune. I made some adjustments to some of the lyrics, wrote an additional verse and almost called it done, but I felt something was missing.

This was that very special February in 2017 when my buddy Jeff Brown drove down from Chicago before we attended our first Folk Alliance and together we played the gig that eventually became my Monday@Modella concert series. And it was that very day that I played what I had for him and he said “It needs a bridge.” So he proposed the chord progression, I wrote some lyrics that I felt tied the song together and we played it together that night at the event that launched me back into playing music. So if ever there were a musical cairn on this album, this is it.  — Rigby Summer

Find more information here; https://rigbysummer.com/



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