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REVIEW: Daryl Wayne Dasher “Honky Tonk Ways”


Daryl Wayne Dasher – Honky Tonk Ways

There’s a surprising trend I’m only beginning to notice. Many fresh-faced artists have begun to create interesting country music from old-fashioned resources just shy of vintage country & western. I was never a big fan in my youth, but I’ve come to appreciate this music. One of the best is Ohio’s Daryl Wayne Dasher who takes a page from Johnny Cash’s era of trumpets on “Ring of Fire,” & adds that ingredient to 2 pristine songs: “Revolver in the Field,” & “Tonight, Carmen.” Both, tight, well-written lyrics, Spanish tone throughout, & the bristling baritone of Dasher who sings with authority.

Honky Tonk Ways (Drops Sept 10– Hike the Stone) is filled with 8-enduring country tales that spill from Dasher’s lips like short stories. “Trippin’ Around the Sun,” proves Dasher doesn’t pick the same apples from the same tree as the other country songwriters. Many of whom seem preoccupied with writing basically the same song. Not all, but some.

Dasher (acoustic/electric/Baritone guitars) takes his cue from reliable veterans such as Marty Robbins, Chris Isaak, Raul Malo, Ray Price & adds his modern-day trimming. I’d add another respected country singer especially when Daryl sings “Honky Tonk Ways.” That would be the late, great Jim Reeves.

Classic country sounds rejuvenated here. Dasher does need to be careful because today’s audience would misinterpret his art as novelty since some songs are not in vogue. Nonetheless, each tune is crafted with care & arranged with an unmistakable vibe & authenticity.

Songs were written with the dynamic & talented Linda McRae (former Spirit of the West musician) who is amazing in her own right. Anything Ms. McRae is involved with is usually going to be tailored with grace. Songs were written via Zoom & the musicians managed quite well with all the recent restrictions imposed. Nothing stops music anyway, least of all country.

Daryl Wayne Dasher

Produced by Zach Kasic & Daryl at Wild Feather Recording Studio in TN. Musicians included: Justin Amaral (drums), Daniel Seymour (upright bass/electric bass), The Mavericks’ Lorenzo Molina Ruiz (horns), Scotty Sanders (steel guitar/dobro), Jim VanCleve (fiddle/mandolin), Linda McRae (electric bass/BV), Andrew Adkins (lead guitar/mellotron), & Nathan Johnson (organ/piano).

Daryl shines vocally on “Something’s Changed,” with backing vocals by Ms. McRae & features diversified instrumentation & his vivid vocalizing. This is a good one folks. Daryl is cut from the same rich cloth as country classic singer Grant Maloy Smith – another stellar artist in this tradition.

The slow ballad “Rest of Our Lives,” is a wonderfully rendered song & made me recall the odd beauty of a ballad by non-other than Dr. Hook. They wrote & recorded a poignant song called “Years From Now.” What a missing country treasure that was.

The insert’s back panel color pic is a better CD cover. Just sayin’…

B&W Image courtesy of Beth Childs. Lyric insert included & the 30-minute CD: available @ https://dwdasher.com/

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  1. Daryl has been writing songs for many years and his experience shows in these songs.This is his forth album and is a masterpiece. Nice interview!

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