Song Premiere: Andrew Adkins “Save the Day”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Andrew Adkins’ song “Save The Day,” from his upcoming album, The Echoist, out November 13. The album was produced by Andrew Adkins and features Adkins on all instruments and vocals. 

At a time where focus on voting is paramount, Andrew Adkins offers us a ballad of hope, with a beat you can march to.  Check it out just below.  

I started to write this song a couple of years ago. I actually had finished making The Echoist (upcoming album) and accidentally came across the original demo. I was floored at how much more applicable it fits within the frame of this past year! I had to finish it and include it on the album! In today’s state of the world; a devastating pandemic, global warming, civil unrest, protests, all leading up to the election. I want this to be a statement about people who want to bring change and how we each have a voice to do so! I would love to see everyone get out there and vote this year and all help make that difference! — Andrew Adkins

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