Johnny Cash Drummer W.S. Holland Teams With Rising Outlaw Country Artist Steve Griggs

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Dallas TX / Jackson TN – Earlier this month legendary rockabilly drummer W.S. Holland (Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis Presley) got together with rising North Texas outlaw singer/songwriter, Steve Griggs. W.S. (Fluke as he is known to his friends) hosted the informal get together and Ron Haney, long time personal friend and manager of W.S., rounded up an extraordinary guitar player and the four of them got to it big time.

You see, Steve never got the message that country music the way it used to sound wasn’t being presented the way it used to be. Basically, it was hard to conceptualize while doing hard time in federal prison and the only thing he had to keep him going was the music he remembered from his Dad, and he had this pencil and paper at his disposal.

As his memories helped him escape from the harsh reality of prison Steve penned, “My Daddy Liked Lefty, Haggard, and Jones”. The sound is old time country familiar, it carries the strains of country music the way it used to be and yet the lyrics are fresh. Well, W.S. had learned about this man from Texas and not being any slouch in regard to recognizing who’s coming along W.S. had the man visit his home and private studio. To put it bluntly they clicked, oh did they ever click: big time! Both in the studio and as two men just being human beings together. You could feel the synergy in the air, everybody there could feel it. It was country music the way we all like to hear it. Real country roots music performed by real roots men.

The session was complete as it included that natural southern drawl and a rhythm that was reminiscent of the greats of yesterday and then again refreshing new – both at the same time. The two men talked a while during the session and again afterward. They agreed almost instantly that maybe they should cut something together and that leads up to this announcement: W.S. will be featured on the drums on a soon to be released single written by Steve Griggs. Currently there are even some whispers about some show dates around the region and the men have enlisted the booking talents of Elsie Houston to test the waters.

Younger folks don’t know that W.S. Holland was the original drummer employed at Sun Records when the big move to country music and rock ‘n roll were just getting started. Likewise older folks don’t know that a new man is on the scene writing and singing songs in that good ole country way, Mr. Steve Griggs. It’s a true celebration of real Americana. The knees of their pants don’t have holes in them and both men are clean shaven, so it’s definitely not that new Hollywood pop music look coming at you from the band stand. Yet then again the Cherokee in Steve does come out as he favors a duster with his tribal symbol on it and underneath a decked out blazer the likes of which Porter Wagoneer would be proud to see on stage. Ladies and gentlemen – everything old is new again.

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