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Show Review: The Cadillac Three at the Ryman 9/2

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I think everyone gets some butterflies when they walk into The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. You can feel it the moment you walk in. The magic, healing, celebration, and history that has taken place there. The buzz in the air is apparent. Last night’s show only added to the magic that has taken place in that building over the years.

The show at the Ryman on September 2nd started with Nashville local band, Boy Named Banjo. If you haven’t heard them, go listen immediately. They joyfully shared their gratitude for playing this legendary stage, one that they had grown up watching shows at and aspiring to play one day. The audience responded to their debut at the mother church with pure joy and celebration, supporting them largely with every song.

The Cadillac Three was celebrating their 10 year band anniversary with two back to back shows at The Ryman. The setlist included 23 songs, played in a chronological order from their most recent albums, all the way back to the beginning. The show started with three red-eyed skeletons on stage in place of the band members. Impressive and engaging graphics and videos were played behind them, and were awesome additions to serve as a look into some of their memories over the last 10 years. The crowd was full of people laughing, swaying, chanting, and enjoying the healing power of live music. They were singing back to TC3 all night long. Happy ten years!!!!

“From the city to the country, doing our thing, our way.” -The Cadillac Three

Find information and more tour dates for the Cadillac Three here:

Find Boy Named Banjo information here:

Setlist from the night before at the Ryman, September 1:

I’m Southern
I’m Rockin’
Tennessee Mojo
Back It Up
Down to the River
Bury Me in My Boots
Soundtrack to a Six Pack
Runnin’ Red Lights
Drunk Like You
Take Me to the Bottom
Hank & Jesus
American Slang
Hard Out Here For A Country Boy
Blue El Camino
Whiskey & Smoke
All the Makin’s of a Saturday Night
The Jam
Head Over Wheels
Stop That Girl
Tabasco & Sweet Tea

White Lightning
The South










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