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Watchhouse – Ryman Auditorium

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September 4th, 2021 was a very beautiful night at the Ryman. It was night two for Watchhouse and an incredibly special evening. The show started off with instrumental artist, Yasmin Williams. She played her acoustic guitar, upright or flat, paired with a kalimba, a bow, different kinds of small tools, and even tap shoes to accompany her. The crowd was stunned by her immense talent and uniqueness. Watching her create music was a beautiful experience, and I’m grateful for the way she shares her gift. She received a very well deserved standing ovation at the conclusion of her set.

Watchhouse, formerly known as Mandolin Orange, consists of married couple, Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz. I have a large amount of admiration and respect for this duo and the musical movement they’ve put out in the world. They are equipped with authenticity, patience, kindness, and a hope to share genuine love with those listening. The two of them and their music hold these attributes so apparently, and when that foundation is accompanied by The Ryman Auditorium… transcendence. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building.

It was the kind of show that once it ended, me and many others found ourselves just sitting for a moment. Needing a moment to sit, be quiet, and stare at the space we were all just a part of together. Taking in all of the energy and love we just witnessed, so that we can carry it onward and share it. The kind of show where you leave feeling physically changed. It’s rare to find artists that keep the art at the forefront. I am grateful to Watchhouse for doing so, and for so freely sharing their hearts with so many. The music world is a much better place with them in it.

“Go dive in empty spaces, where magic weaves and spins.”  Watchhouse, “Nightbird”

Among the songs they played were “Golden Embers” and “Better Way.”

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  1. Great summary! We enjoyed Yasmin (wow) and of course Watchhouse, just as you described them . I cant put my finger on what is most enjoyable about Watchhouse music and their performing. Part is that they don’t make it about themselves. So enjoyable. And one thing missing that I really appreciated – no lectures on politics and nothing strident in their lyrics. What a joyful evening!.

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