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REVIEW: Dallas Burrow “Self-Titled”


Dallas Burrow – Self-Titled

This came late to my listening room. A 14-cut self-titled CD by Texas-bred Dallas Burrow. It dropped July 23rd (Subliminal Hymnal Records). This, Dallas’ second LP, gets out of the gate fast & excellently with his Tony Joe White-type tone & beautiful guitar/mandolin & pedal steel guitar picking. Burrow has his act together & his songs have substance.

He certainly tells compelling stories lyrically (“American Dream” “Outlaw Highway”) with a Bruce Springsteen type harmonica as opposed to Bob Dylan. “Outlaw,” is from the soil of Guy Clark, Steve Goodman & Townes van Zandt.

What Dallas (acoustic/rhythm guitars/mandolin/piano/harmonica) has taken is equal parts of Mellencamp & Springsteen added Tony Joe White vocalization with vintage country stylings. The set was produced by Bruce Robison (acoustic guitar) who used 2” analog tape & the warmth is evident in the sound.

Though Burrows has the typical hat, blazer & Texas look with his guitar he has an air of antiquity to his style. As if this country vagabond stepped out of the 1920s or the 1930’s. He doesn’t imbue the standard pop-country cliches prevalent in country radio today. His approach is authentic, gutsy & atmospheric.

On “Born Down in Texas,” (the first single) it’s Texas country, not Tennessee. It also has that Keb’ Mo by way of Robert Johnson-type blues that give it the whiskey in the tea kick. This tune is followed by a slow moody ballad “Easter Sunday,” that’s immediate, with slow fat notes that drip from the guitar. Burrows’ vocal is irresistible.


Not criticism — but in order for a good singer-songwriter like Dallas Burrows to maintain altitude & not get left behind in a pile of other artists who had lift but never got airborne is to write some songs that tweak the noses of listeners. Something controversial, something with meat on it. It worked for Bob Dylan, John Prine, Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian & Randy Newman. You can’t always be polite in this business – the focus is on getting noticed. The LP is filled with stellar songs. One of the year’s best for sure.
With Dallas are Larry Chaney (electric & baritone guitar/ mandolin/lap steel/BGV), Sterling Finlay (stand up & electric bass/BGV), Kullen Fox (piano/Hammond B3/Fender Rhodes/accordion/banjo/trumpet/BGV), Chris Kues (electric & baritone guitar/BGV), Cody Angel (pedal steel guitar/Welsenborn/BGV), Dan Johnson (pedal steel guitar/Dobro), Josh Blue (drums/BGV), Brian Duckworth (fiddle), & Chad Pope (slide guitar).

Color image courtesy of Ryan Vestil.

The 56-minute CD is available @ https://www.dallasburrow.com/









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