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Song Premiere: Ashley Virginia “Apathy Blues”

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Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Ashley Virginia’s song “Apathy Blues” from her forthcoming album  And Life Just Goes On Living (due out August 13).  And Life Just Goes On Living was recorded and produced by Ashley Virginia and Ricky Perez.

“Apathy Blues” was written by Ashley Virginia, and is Ashley Virginia on vocals and rhythm guitar; Mark Dillon on lead guitar; Kevin Beardsley on bass and Ricky Perez on drums.  Listen to the raw, contemporary angst of her latest album, starting right here. “They’re counting on you to just give in.”  Ain’t it the truth?

If it wasn’t clear from listening, “Apathy Blues” is a protest song. I wrote it back in 2018 (in the midst of the Trump presidency), and was particularly inspired by a quote from Boots Riley’s film, Sorry To Bother YouWhen you get shown a problem, but have no idea but have no idea how to control it, then you just decide to get used to the problem. As I was doom-scrolling social media and being bombarded with bad news after bad news, I felt powerless. The truth is, the people hold the power, but only when we work as a collective. They (the powers at be) know this, and so the constant consumption machine is designed to overwhelm and numb us into apathy, making corruption much easier to achieve. — Ashley Virginia

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