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Video Premiere: Colin Cutler “Hot Pepper Jam”

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Colin Cutler — “Hot Pepper Jam”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Colin Cutler’s song “Hot Pepper Jam” from his recently released album of the same name. Produced and recorded by Mark Dillon and Tom Troyer, Hot Pepper Jam is available wherever you stream your digital music.

Directed by and starring Cutler, the video for “Hot Pepper Jam” offers insight into the condiment’s preparation for it features Cutler and his girlfriend, Carolyn Hulsey, making their own batch of homemade hot pepper jam. Opening in his garden at his home in Greensboro, North Carolina, and moving into the kitchen where the delicious process is brightly executed, the video interweaves playful moments shared between the couple which evoke the song’s lyrics detailing the first time Cutler laid eyes on Hulsey while she was wearing a hot pepper suit.

First time I met my now-girlfriend, I was playing banjo at Greensboro’s Elm Street, and she walked by in a chili pepper suit advertising for the farmers’ market. I wrote this song the summer of 20 as I watched my tomatoes die, squash turn brown, and the peppers flourish beyond all reason until the only thing left to do with them was make hot pepper jam. The song covers that, with some winks to 30s country blues references; the video is a fun little exploration of the process. — Colin Cutler

“Hot Pepper Jam,” features Cutler on vocals and guitar, Christen Blanton Mack on fiddle, Ryan Mack on bass, and Wake Clinard on mandolin. The track was recorded by Mark Dillon and Wake Clinard, and mastered and mixed by Tom Troyer at Black Rabbit Studio in Greensboro, North Carolina.




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