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Video Premiere: Craig Cardiff “All This Time Running”

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Craig Cardiff

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Craig Cardiff ‘s song “All This Time Running,” the title track from his new album out on True North Records. All This Time Running was produced and engineered by Steven Ryan and David Campbell.  Musicians on the album are Craig Cardiff on vocals and guitar;  David Campbell on mandolin, acoustic guitar, banjo, keys/synth and percussion; Steve Ryan on acoustic guitar, vocals,  Andrew Marzotta on electric guitar; Connor Foster on electric and double bass;  Tom Raditz on mandolin; Mike Evin on piano; Ben Leggett on electric bass and percussion; Sean Mcvery and Matt Habets on keys/synth; Nick Roy Flugelhorn on soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and bass;  Frank Pecora on trumpet; Shawn Romper, Gethyn Hatch and Jon Foster on percussion; Lucia Larezza, Chloe Squance, and Michael Mandrin on violin and viola; Justas Kulikauskas and Rebecca Li on cello; Matt Habets on electronic programming with Noelle Coughlin and Kerri Ought on additional vocals.

“All This Time Running” is reminiscent of solid 70’s folksongs and Craig Cardiff’s rich flinty vocals add to the nostalgia.  He’ll remind you of Gordon Lightfoot amidst banjos.   The video’s creative juxtaposition of animated created elements with the band will compel you to look closer as you’re listening.

The video for “All This Time Running” uses stop motion animation/ multimedia animation and took over 200+ hours to complete, telling the story of coming back to ourselves and all the things we love. It’s a visual exploration of the statement: The Trouble Is You Think You Have Time (But You Don’t).

Teasing the visual elements of this idea from space, to ocean to mountains and over the edge of the world, the video for “All This Time Running” (Directed by Alex Huard and Graham Bieri with Craig Cardiff) has been called a beautiful stoner’s mix of Monty Python stop motion, dressed in children’s book whimsy. An ode to the scramble and dashing about that we both miss, and also, don’t miss.

This video is a visual break and audio reminder from True North Records artist Craig Cardiff to pause and enjoy the moment, and also remind us that, we think we have time, but we don’t. — Craig Cardiff

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