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Video Premiere: Jesse Terry “Strangers in Our Town”

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Jesse Terry

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Jesse Terry ‘s song “Strangers In Our Town” from his forthcoming new album When We Wander set for release on Friday 5/14.  When We Wander was produced and mixed by Neilson Hubbard; engineered by Dylan Alldredge; and recorded at Skinny Elephant Recording, Nashville.  Join Jesse for a free live stream concert on 5/27.  Learn more at

“Strangers In Our Town” is Jesse Terry on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; Neilson Hubbard on drums;  Eamon McLoughlin on violin and viola; Will Kimbrough on electric and  acoustic guitars and mandolin; Juan Solorzano on lap steel, electric and acoustic guitars; Dean Marold on electric and upright bass; Josh Kaler on pedal steel; Danny Mitchell on piano and harmonies; and Mia Rose Lynne and Liz Longley on harmonies.

The video is by Eli Lev of  This song is an exploration of the benefits of being a stranger in your own town, living the glories of anonymity.  The song is unique and a treat for the ears too.  Jesse Terry surrounds himself with solid musicians to deliver his solid songs.

The entire “When We Wander” album was written and recorded right before the pandemic hit, so it’s wild to revisit some of these songs and lyrics now. For me, many of the song meanings have deepened after experiencing 2020. I wrote this tune about touring and traveling relentlessly as a family and then returning home to our peaceful refuge on the New England coast. This area really speaks to our souls and is so special to us. It’s where we had our first child and where we really found ourselves. We’re quite anonymous here and haven’t been around long enough to develop deep friendships in this place – and I’m okay with that. Our family and best friends are scattered around the country and around the globe. One of the great joys of touring is getting to visit this beautiful array of people regularly, so I’m really looking forward to that coming back soon. But in the meantime, home has been an inspiring place to write and create. I do my best songwriting by myself, so being off the map a bit really works for me as an artist. It’s funny, the thing I miss most about living in Nashville is the amazing, vibrant community. But at the same time, the thing I love most about living here is the stillness and solitude. When touring is fully back, I feel like I’ll have the best of both worlds again and be able to get back to Nashville for regular trips and long visits. But my heart is here, home in New England. — Jesse Terry

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