Video Premiere: The Imaginaries “Trust Falling With You”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of The Imaginaries‘ song “Trust Falling With You,” from their recently released self-titled album.  The album was produced by Maggie McClure and Shane Henry, mixed by Ryan Lipman, and mastered by David Glasser.

“Trust Falling With You” is Maggie McClure on vocals and piano; Shane Henry on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Rob Humphreys on drums and percussion; Shonna Tucker on bass; Kelvin Holly on electric and baritone guitars; Steven Stark on cello; and Chad Copelin on additional keys.

The video was created by Reagan Elkins with Intellego Media.  In an elegant outdoor cabin setting, this video places The Imaginaries in a surrounding that’s perfect for their sound.  They write songs as clear and bright as the wide open starry skies.  Watch and listen.

“Trust Falling With You” is a love song that is all about taking that leap of faith and “trust falling” into the person you love, loving with all you’ve got, and holding nothing back. At its core, it is about trust and the commitment that two people can make to one other. It’s about sticking it out through the rough times and celebrating the joyous ones. It’s about knowing that even if nothing else makes sense, the relationship does. — Maggie McClure

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