Song Premiere: Kris Delmhorst “Borrowed Place”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Kris Delmhorst’s song “Borrowed Place” from her forthcoming EP Light Breaks Through.  Light Breaks Through was produced by Kris Delmhorst, recorded and mixed by Sam Kassirer, mastered by Alex McCollough at True East, Nashville, with cover design by Matthew Fleming.

“Borrowed Place” is Kris Delmhorst on vocals and acoustic guitar;  Rose Polenzani, Rose Cousins, and Annie Lynch on backing vocals; Sam Moss on electric guitar; Màiri Chaimbeul on harp; Dietrich Strause on Farfisa organ; and Jeremy Moses Curtis on upright bass.  In a bittersweet beautiful lament, Kris Delmhorst breaks your heart once again on this one.

A child in my town – a girl around my daughter’s age – was killed in an accident, and I was having a hard time processing the grief and terror of it. Working on the song helped me lean into it and find some solace. Every life is a complete life, no matter how many years it lasts. Every life has an infinite capacity for meaning and love.

The first demo of this song was recorded outdoors, and during the last chorus a sparrow landed nearby and started singing answers to each line. It felt like a gesture of support from the natural world, the world I was turning to for help. In the studio version, Rose, Rose, and Annie sing echoing parts inspired by the sparrow’s contributions. — Kris Delmhorst


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