REVIEW: David Huckfelt Creates A Shining American Masterpiece With “Room Enough, Time Enough”



At the center of singer-songwriter David Huckfelt’s atmospheric new album Room Enough, Time Enough is the core belief that there is a desire and a need in all of us to feel and to actually be more connected with each other, our land, our spiritual sides, and with our existence itself. According to Huckfelt and the twelve songs on this album, these commonalities that bind us together are far greater than what divides us even though we oftentimes act like we are either ignorant of this or reluctant to admit that fact.

On this record, Huckfelt uses the backdrop of the American West as he weaves his stories and alternates the point of view of his songs between the behemoth iconic cultures of the region – that of the cowboys and outlaws and that of Native Americans. Strategically using guest artists that symbolize these cultures on a number of the songs, Huckfelt, in these musical and lyrical creations, ultimately creates a wonderful mixture that conjures up Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, cowboy campfire songs, and Native American spiritual incantations to brilliantly underscore his message of our connectivity with each other.

The opening song, the poignant and anthem for our times “Better To See The Face” superbly sets the tone for the album, and other highlights include the affecting and sobering “Bury Me Not (The Dying Cowboy) with David Simonett, the stirring and introspective cover of the country classic “Satisfied Mind” with Greg Brown, the inspirational and moving titular track, the Guthrie- like and defiant “Cole Younger” with Billy Sedlmayr, the insightful and the transcendent  “Journey To The Spirit World” with Jacke Bird, the stirring and hypnotic cover of Patti Smith’s “Ghost Dance” with Quiltman and Keith Secola, and the compelling and powerful “Calling Thunderbird Blues” again with Keith Secola.

Even though some of us are hesitant to admit it, America is a haunted land and her historical scars caused by division and violence are visible for all to see. With Room Enough, Time Enough, David Huckfelt tells us we can transcend our country’s troubled past if we come together with honesty and a healthy respect for each other and in the process gives us a glorious American masterpiece for our times.

Room Enough, Time Enough by David Huckfelt was self-produced by the artist is now available on his website .


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