REVIEW: Chris Roberts Brings a Big Sound to his “Red Feather” EP


There isn’t much good you can say about the COVID-19 pandemic, but art has always come through struggle. COVID-19 has been nothing but a struggle, but it has led to some good art. Take Chris Roberts for example. Like every other touring music artist, his band’s gigs were canceled in March, 2020. The band used the opportunity to head to Joshua Tree for three weeks of recording some “rock n roll/hippie/country magic.” One of the results of that jaunt to the desert is the new EP Red Feather.

You can sense that rock n roll and hippie vibe right off the bat in “Get Down,” you get the feel of The Black Crowes and Blackberry Smoke with the rock n roll guitar and organ. It is a song that goes big on the volume and energy. As a result, it feels like one of those songs that would be perfect for a festival with several thousand attendees.

The second song is “Hate When You’re Gone.” This one has a slower tempo than the lead track, and it has some distinct similarities to “Tuesday’s Gone” in the melody and the vocals.

There is a slight shift in the sound of “On My Own.” The guitar is a little more distorted and psychedelic. In combination with the vocals and the organ, the song is reminiscent of Lionize.

This EP dwells largely in that area between southern rock and jam bands. But more than any label that you want to put on these five songs, perhaps the best thing is just to say that the sound is big. These are songs that would be right at home in an arena or a festival setting where thousands of people groove and sing along. Red Feather was released on February 26 and is available everywhere now. Order your copy here.


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