Song Premiere: Eric Bazilian “Sarah When She’s Sleeping”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Eric Bazilian’s song “Sarah When She’s Sleeping,” from his forthcoming album. Bazilian produced and mixed the track and plays guitars, bass, keyboards and mandola. Roman Ratej provided drums and Martin Stibernik recorded him, both remotely from Slovenia.

In a power pop arrangement, Bazilian shares a well-timed and rare love song with the world, proving that something new is always possible.  Give it a listen and prepare for a high spirited and sunny feel-good experience.

Anyone who’s familiar with my songs (Joan Osborne’s ‘One Of Us’, The Hooters’ iconic hits) knows the place where my writing normally ‘lives’… zoning out and listening to my inner voices, learning things about myself that I often didn’t know were there. It was this same process which led me to “Sarah When She’s Sleeping,” which is, somewhat atypically for me, a shameless declaration of love and redemption, for and by a good and kind woman who may or may not produce some comforting (usually) sounds while tripping through dreamland. I tend to avoid love songs… there are only so many stories to be told in that box… ‘I have you and I’m glad’, ‘I had you and now I don’t and I’m sad,’ ‘I don’t have you yet but maybe I will and I’m confused’, and so on and so forth. In the end, for me, to have a lyric and melody present themselves to me that tells such a pure story with the name of the person I’ve chosen as my mate for life in its title resonates as a simple statement of my life’s great truth. And that’s about all I’ve got to say about that. — Eric Bazilian 

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