Song Premiere: Garrett Wieland “Devotion”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere of Garrett Wieland’s song “Devotion,” from his forthcoming album What Keeps The Heart Afloat, due in spring 2021. What Keeps the Heart Afloat was produced, engineered and mixed by Madon Shirley; it was produced at Sound Machine Studios, Corpus Christi/Skidmore, Texas; and mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering.  

“Devotion” is Garrett Wieland on vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, and piano; Mason Shirley on drums, organ, and pedal steel; Carrie Mae Pierce on cello and Zak Kaszynski on trumpet.  Take a listen to this song and let its energy carry you along.  Then experience the deeper layer of Wieland’s songwriting, and add him to your hopefully growing list of musicians you may not have known, and are glad you discovered.   

A true Texas story about a Black cowboy, Britton Johnson, who at the end of the Civil War ventured into Comanche territory to rescue his family. Years later, Alan LeMay, the author of the book The Searchers (basis for the classic John Ford film), would admit that Johnson was the inspiration for his main “searcher” ultimately played by John Wayne. — Garrett Wieland

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