Video Premiere: Distant Cousins “In My Blood (Live)”

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Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Distant Cousins’ song “In My Blood,” from their recently released album Here & Now (Jullian Records). Distant Cousins is the trio: Cousin Ami on bass, Op-1 synth, and vocals; Cousin Dov on rhythm guitar, kick, and lead vocals; Cousin Duvid on lead guitar and vocals. Recorded at Boulevard studies, the album includes guests the Songbirds, and Lindsey Ray.  This track is just the trio.

The black & white video footage echoes the song’s sentiment “everything looks better in black and white.” It’s a very profound piece of music.  “I awake from a typical nightmare… baby I’ve been sleeping all my life.” Lovely harmonies blend with the clear acoustic guitar tones. Releasing this song of feeling one’s Jewish heritage on the advent of Rosh Hashana is particularly apt.

 Our song ‘In My Blood’ is about us being proud of our Jewish heritage and coming to terms with that pride in today’s hostile environment. We hope the lyrics speak for themselves: All the things we run from, keep running through our hearts. It’s in my blood / it’s in my mind / speaking through me all the time. – Dov Rosenblatt

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