Song Premiere: Doug Walther “Sit Back and Try to Relax”

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Americana Highways brings you this song premiere of Doug Walther’s “Sit Back and Try to Relax,” the title track from his forthcoming album.  Walther wrote all six of the original songs on the album, played all the instruments, and did all the recording, mixing and mastering. 

With a classic folk song approach complete with Kazoo sounds, Doug Walther offers up a slice of contemporary life in “Sit Back and Try to Relax.”  

About six weeks into the Corona Virus Pandemic Quarantine, this non-essential senior citizen was starting to climb the walls, with nothing to do but sit around watching cable news. The President was downplaying the threat while people were getting sick and dying. I wrote this song to express my unease at the way our country was handling the health emergency. It tries to capture that concern and the confusion and circus-like atmosphere created by those people protesting the lock-down. — Doug Walther

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