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Video Premiere: Roger Street Friedman “Rise” prod. Larry Campbell

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Roger Street Friedman’s video “Rise,” the title track from his recently released album. Rise was produced by Larry Campbell and came out April 24th on Rock Ridge Music. The album features Roger Street Friedman on lead and background vocals and acoustic guitar; Larry Campbell on acoustic and electric guitars, lap and pedal steel, fiddle, baritone guitar, mandolin and cittern; Jim Toscano on drums and percussion; Matthew Schneider on bass; Jason Crosby on piano, Hammond Organ and Harmonium; with Teresa Williams and Lucy Kaplanski on background vocals.

The album was produced by Larry Campbell, engineered by Peter Kuperschmid and Roger Street Friedman at The Playroom Studios, in Sea Cliff, NY. It was mixed by Justin Guip at Milan Hill Studio in Milan, NY, and mastered by Dave McNair Mastering, Nashville, TN

The video was animated and directed by Ania Leszczynska with additional video footage shot by Michael Ellison. It features cameos of Larry, Teresa Williams, and Lucy Kaplanski.  With acoustic recording perfection, “Rise” will tug at your heartstrings, and when the flinty vocal strata kick in the layers deepen.  The video footage is dramatic and timeless with mesmerizing, fluid animation.  Watch and see.

“Rise” is the title track from the new album, and though it was written in 2018, the message is relevant today.   The song is about how nature’s instinct – and by extension, the human instinct – seems to be towards growth and change.  I think another aspect of that is the very human desire to be idealistic and dream of a better future for ourselves and our world. So the song  is about continuing that journey, but also about finding ourselves at a crossroad where we can “choose the dark way”… or “choose to rise.”  I was excited to work with Ania Leszczynska from Edinburgh, UK on the video. Ania created the animated video for “Time To Fly” off of my debut album ‘The Waiting Sky.’  As in that video, we combined live footage from the studio recording sessions, as well as a live show, along with the animation.  I think in a minimalistic way, Ania’s concept for the video really captured the message of the song. Larry Campbell produced the track and played electric guitar, cittern, and violin, while Teresa Williams and Lucy Kaplansky provided the amazing vocals. The rhythm section is Jim Toscano on the drums and Matt Schneider on the bass!” – Roger Street Friedman

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