Song Premiere: Rocks and Salt’s “Amongst the Ashes”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Rocks and Salt’s song “Amongst the Ashes” from their EP Serpentine due to be released April 17th by Need To Know Music, with a limited run vinyl version also available soon. Serpentine was produced and engineered by Brian Brinkerhoff & Frank Swart; recorded at Skunkworks Studios in Capitola CA; and mastered by Justin Perkins.

“Amongst the Ashes” is Jared Griffin on vocals and acoustic guitar; and Nicole Ridgwell on fiddle and vocal harmonies.  If you’re looking for some real authenticity and raw vocal quality in your music, try Serpentine.  Ridgwell’s potent and passionate fiddle accents Griffin’s gravel vocal tones like the river dappled in sunlight.  “Now the whiskey’s gone, so wipe those tears from your eyes.”

The song was birthed from a long, hot afternoon late last summer. It got its name in part to the French proverb, “what we lose in the fire, we’ll find amongst the ashes”. It was kind of a response to some depression I was dealing with and I was just trying to view things in a different light. Nicole had her parts and harmonies locked in before I had finished playing the entire song through to just show her what I was working on, so I knew we had something to keep. Just because something appears to be destroyed doesn’t mean that it is. — Jared Griffin

Order here: https://www.rocksandsaltmusic and find more here:

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