Video series: smallsongs: Tom West

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‘smallsongs’ is a YouTube series brought to you by Americana Highways with small & stripped down performances on the streets of different cities around the world, featuring musical acts at their rawest.

A couple days before COVID-19 put the city of Denver of lockdown, I got the opportunity to meet the Australian folk musician Tom West while he was on tour. Underneath the Denver skyscrapers, he performed acoustic versions of his songs “Hush” & then “Hummingbird.”

This weird time in history has forced artists and especially touring musicians to rethink the way they work and make their art. For Tom West, months and months of his work got suspended. In result, he made this kickstarter to get support to finish his upcoming album “Antarctica.”

For ‘smallsongs’ I’ve introduced a ‘dream folk playlist’ which features a collection of ‘smallsongs’ including Tom West’s “Hummingbird.”

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