Video Premiere: Lost Bayou Ramblers’ “Granny Smith”

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Americana Highways presents this video premiere of the Lost Bayou Ramblers’ “Granny Smith.” The video is footage of the Ramblers playing at Preservation Hall, and was produced by Lizzie Guitreau, and directed by Bruno Doria. The band recently released their documentary DVD, On Va Continuer, and this footage was produced during its filming. Recordings from the performance at Preservation Hall also were mixed into Lost Bayou Ramblers’ live album Asteur.

The song is performed by Louis Michot on vocals and fiddle, Andre Michot on accordion, Eric Heigle on acoustic guitar and triangle; Jonny Campos on electric guitar, Bryan Webre on bass and drum pad, and Charles Kirkland Middleton on drums and triangle.

From the suspenseful buildup as the band members file their way onstage, through the energetic Cajun celebration of the performance, interspersed with other scenes of the band, and through the joyful cajun language lyrics, we promise you this video is rollicking good time.

Performing at Preservation Hall is a surreal experience, we may be the first Cajun band to ever play there, and it felt so natural. You can feel the history of the room, and that you’re just a drop in the deep well of Louisiana music. It was a humbling and energizing experience to perform this song about Andre and I’s grandmother here at Preservation Hall, could not think of a more appropriate place to tell her story through music. — Louis Michot

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