Album Premiere: Andrea Baker’s “Wild in the Hollow”

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Americana Highways presents this album premiere of Andrea Baker’s Wild in the HollowWild in the Hollow was produced and mixed by Brandon Bee, engineered by Matt Terjeson, mastered by Troy Glessner, Spectre Mastering and primarily recorded at Feng Sway Studios in Vancouver, WA. Wild in the Hollow features Andrea Baker on vocals and piano, Brandon Bee on guitars, mandolin, banjo and synth; Mark Alvis on drums and percussion; and Aaron Fishburn on upright bass with Dan Tyack (Campbell Brothers) on pedal steel, vocalist Susan George, Cayley Gove on cello and vocals, Emma Hasselbach (5th Avenue Theater) on violin, and David Grisham on trumpet.

With haunting banjo, sometimes whipped into a thunderstorm, as “wild in the hollow,” other times anthemic, but throughout, the songs on this album are heady with profundity.

If these songs make engaging the brokenness in our stories a little less lonely, a little more provocative, and any less of a burden for somebody out there, then I’ll walk away satisfied. Admittedly, exploring the whole ragged, wonderful mess is even more rewarding when accomplished – together – over a good meal, a great glass of wine, and a few hours of compelling candlelight, should the situation so arise. Which I’d highly recommend if the opportunity presents itself! My wild hope really is that you’ll find these songs to be a mirror for exploring the story threads of your own life, in particular in conversation with friends or near ones around a table. 

Oh, and the title? The title is borrowed from a delicious little book of the same name, penned by a delightful individual by the name of Amber C. Haines. If you enjoy the stories you uncover in these songs, you may very well want to go grab her book. She’s a kindred soul, a wielder of evocative language, and an excellent weaver of the broken and the beautiful as well – but on the page. — Andrea Baker

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2 thoughts on “Album Premiere: Andrea Baker’s “Wild in the Hollow”

  1. I can’t get enough of this album. It simultaneously soothes and challenges me. The musicianship and production quality is top-notch. And the variety of the selections keeps things interesting. In a world of sound bites, overproduction and mediocre talent, thank you, Andrea, for renewing my faith that talent and artistry can triumph.

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