Show Review: 10,000 Maniacs at the Blue Note in Hawaii

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10,000 Maniacs was founded in 1981 Jamestown, New York. Between 1987 and 1992 the band released three double platinum albums; In My Tribe, Blind Man’s Zoo, and Our Time In Eden. The band became wildly popular and helped define the jangly alternative rock popular at the time. Then in 1993 lead vocalist Natalie Merchant announced her departure from the band.

Many bands would have closed shop but 10,000 Maniacs has persevered by recording new material and touring extensively to a loyal audience. The current lineup of Dennis Drew (keyboards), Steve Gustafson (bass), Jerry Augustyniack (drums), Jeff erickson (lead guitar), John Lombardo (guitar), Maggie Zindle (backing vocals) and lead singer/violinist, Mary Ramsey played four packed shows at The Blue Note Hawaii in Honolulu.

The Blue Note Hawaii was the perfect venue for the series of shows. Fans could eat and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. The easygoing mood lent itself to a “living room” gig vibe. After spending close to a week in the islands the band was relaxed and joked about moving to the Hawaii. The band gave their fans an amazing mix of familiar songs drawn from their varied catalog. Favorites included “Like The Weather,” “Trouble Me,” “You Happy Puppet,” “What’s The Matter Here,” “My Sister Rose” and “Hey Jack Kerouac.”

Not much has changed since the band’s inception. Their sound is still very distinctive and instantly recognizable, skillfully blending American folk, traditional Irish fiddle, lush ballads, and Carribean style phrasings. The band ended the night with the uplifting finale “These Are The Days” and greeted eager fans outside the venue concluding their Hawaiian residency.

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