Album Premiere: Sofia Talvik’s “Paws of a Bear”

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Americana Highways presents this premiere stream of Sofia Talvik’s album Paws of a Bear, due to be released  September 27th,  Paws of a Bear.  Paws of a Bear is Sofia Talvik on acoustic guitar, piano and vocals; Tim Fleming on pedal steel and dobro; Marcus Högquist on electric and acoustic guitars; Janne Manninen on bass; and Joakim Lundgren on drums and percussion.

The album was produced by Sofia Talvik, mixed and mastered by Hans Olsson Brooks.  With a crystal clear, chillingly wavering vocal, Talvik will break your heart on every song on this album.  From a nostalgic plea to take me home, through soothing guitar, pedal steel and dobro, looking to the sky for assurance and wondering what it’s all about, this album is solid gold from start to finish.

Working on this album I wanted to get every detail right. Patience is not my greatest virtue and I tend to want to get the songs out into the world the minute after I recorded them so I had to take a deep breath to really let them mature in the production and mix, and I think it shows.

I can’t wait to tour with the new album and the new songs. Some of the new songs have already been on my set list for a while and have been new favorites for the audience so I feel confident releasing them into the wild now.

Next year I’m doing two big US tours as well as tours in Europe in between and it will be fun with a lot of fresh songs –Sofia Talvik.

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