REVIEW: Adam Hood Sings Front-Porch Songs on ‘Somewhere in Between’


One indicator of success for a songwriter is when other artists perform that songwriter’s songs. Adam Hood has written songs recorded by Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert among others. His new album Somewhere in Between (Southern Songs) (produced by Oran Thornton, who also plays guitar) showcases his abilities not only as a songwriter but also as a singer.

Country music is known for duets, and this album includes one called “She Don’t Love Me” – with Brent Cobb. Right from the opening notes this has the sound and feel of a Blackberry Smoke song. This song also has some other similarities to a lot of country songs. Namely it references getting on the road and away from a woman.

“Alabama Moon” is a mellow song with an injection of soul compliments of David Dorn on the organ. There is a bit of soul in “The Weekend” – especially in Lex Price’s bass line. This song has the sound and vibe of an old song by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Another similarity to Bruce Springsteen can be found in “Keepin’ Me Here” and “Real Small Town.” In “Keepin’ Me Here,” Hood sings about life in a small town where they’re finally fixing up downtown. With a certain someone gone, he realizes that there isn’t much to keep him in the small town. “Real Small Town” is about people who work hard and pray hard and make up the heart of the town.

This is a pretty mellow album that forgoes honky-tonk foot stompers for earnest songs that seem like slices of life. While it would be good for a road trip, it would also be good for sitting on the front porch sipping on some cold ones with friends. Somewhere in Between was released on October 12. Order your copy here .

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