Watch: Video Premiere of Bourbon Express’ “Pick Me Up” from “Cry About it Later”

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Americana Highways is happy to present the video premiere of Bourbon Express’ “Pick Me Up.”  Although the song was released as part of their album Cry About It Later (produced by Eric “Roscoe” Ambel and released last spring) the audio and video for this were recorded separately for this performance, by Red6 Productions.   The video features Katie Curley on vocals and rhythm guitar, Sarah Kinsey on vocal harmony, Brendan Curley on electric guitar, Glenn Spivack on pedal steel, Andrew Dykeman on bass and vocal harmony, with Mike Shapiro on drums.

Katie Curley’s high country vocals are irresistible on this punchy, honky tonk song.  Alluring long-angled camera pans with closeups on Spivack’s pedal steel connote cinematography from earlier eras of filmmaking, while the song itself is simultaneously a throwback to old-style country.  Curley sings “I need a pick me up, gotta last nearly all month long,” while the band presents itself in the simple studio setting surrounded by natural wood, all of which simply allows the song to speak for the universally understandable concepts of being broke, but wanting a little something special.  We all really just need a little pick me up.

For “Pick Me Up,” we wanted to go bare bones and just film the band playing the song live in a single take with no overdubs. We found a studio in midtown, and we were in and out in an afternoon. It was very relaxed. The song is a staple for us at live shows, so it was an obvious choice when considering which song to do for our next video and it made sense to film a live version. – Katie Curley

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