Barry Waldrep

REVIEW: Barry Waldrep & Friends Celebrate Tony Rice

Barry Waldrep & Friends Celebrate Tony Rice (Delta Grass Productions) When the world lost the bluegrass genius of Tony Rice on Christmas Day, 2020, a vast chasm in folk, country and bluegrass circles was created. As heartfelt remembrances poured in – from a widely varied audience of fans – Rice, himself, might have been surprised […]

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REVIEW: The Innocence Mission “See You Tomorrow” Reinforces Their Close Human Connection

The Innocence Mission: See You Tomorrow (Thérèse Records) is Music As Medicine In a career spanning more than 30 years – beginning with the release of ‘89s The Innocence Mission for Quiet Corner – they’ve owned a musical category all to themselves. It might begin and end with the ethereal, heart-melting, other-worldly vocals of Karen Peris – a […]

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REVIEW: The Burnt Pines Album is Strong Debut with Gentle Guitar

The Burnt Pines: The Burnt Pines (Adraela Records) The initial track of this strong debut opens with delicately-picked acoustic guitar, adding soft harmonies for an effect not unlike that of gently falling snow. Mix in rudimentary percussion, piano, melodica and the distinctive lead vocals of Danish-born Kris Skovmand. Together, the band gradually swells “Diamonds” – a […]

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