Dulcie Taylor

REVIEW: Dulcie Taylor “Rediscovered”

Dulcie Taylor — Rediscovered (EP)(Mesa/Bluemoon) You’ve heard, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time,” yet this old adage seldom applies to music. Rediscovered is an EP release which has afforded this artist an opportunity to look back on both fan and personal favorites – and re-work them differently. Dulcie Taylor was […]

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REVIEW: The Innocence Mission “See You Tomorrow” Reinforces Their Close Human Connection

The Innocence Mission: See You Tomorrow (Thérèse Records) is Music As Medicine In a career spanning more than 30 years – beginning with the release of ‘89s The Innocence Mission for Quiet Corner – they’ve owned a musical category all to themselves. It might begin and end with the ethereal, heart-melting, other-worldly vocals of Karen Peris – a […]

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REVIEW: The Burnt Pines Album is Strong Debut with Gentle Guitar

The Burnt Pines: The Burnt Pines (Adraela Records) The initial track of this strong debut opens with delicately-picked acoustic guitar, adding soft harmonies for an effect not unlike that of gently falling snow. Mix in rudimentary percussion, piano, melodica and the distinctive lead vocals of Danish-born Kris Skovmand. Together, the band gradually swells “Diamonds” – a […]

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