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REVIEW: The Kelley Family “Kelley Family Christmas”


The Kelley Family – Kelley Family Christmas

I’m not a big holiday music buff & all the wonderful Christmas songs I enjoy were made in the past & are enduring. What I hear a lot of today is holiday music that seems obligatory. People who are not even of that holiday, cash in (I won’t name names since at least they did do a good job).

There are many new festive albums recorded every year & it does become overwhelming. But there’s a place for such music since it helps to dilute the anxieties in the world. It’s a time to forgive, postpone hard feelings, be civil for a while & find some good in the spirit of the holiday. Something everyone can do no matter what culture, religion, or heritage. It’s universal.

It’s not even Thanksgiving yet & I see homes tacking up lights & festive ornaments because they want to capture that spirit as early as possible. It’s not about the holiday being Christian it’s about having some kind of spirituality in your conscience, soul & heart. A holiday that celebrates something that’s for all & with brotherhood. But some simply don’t get it.

Imagine all the money spent in wars given to St Jude’s Hospital for Children, the Shriner’s Hospital, the Tunnel to Towers people & so many others. Maybe I’m asking too much. But this year, despite some places being challenged maybe a silent night will come of it.

OK — editorial is over.

One restorative in some faith is the holiday CD by Nashville-based bluegrass, country & Americana artist Irene Kelley & her 2 daughters Justyna & Sara Jean. They dip into 12 standard Christmas tunes to rejuvenate some classics. Produced by the Kelley’s with executive producer Terry Eagan Kelley Family Christmas (Drops Nov 24–Patio Records/39:00) was recorded in Nashville, TN. It helps raise funds for the Healing Gardens. A project created for cancer treatment centers (since 1997).

The Kelley Family

Each young lady performs 4 songs & none are meant to be offensive. They’re meant to do what one song has always personified – a joy to the world. So, pour some eggnog, light a fireplace & listen.

The music delivers an uplifting ethos toward a feeling of peace, tranquility & happiness. The Kelley Family achieves this with the standard festive fare tinged with the sweetness of country vocals, harmonies & musical arrangements (Will Barrow, piano).

A particular favorite is their “Do You Hear What I Hear,” & the Kelleys splash lots of vocal beauty on it.

Highlights – All – you read right. All.

Musicians – Brian Allen (bass), Pat Bergeson (acoustic & electric guitars/harmonica), Josh Hunt (drums/percussion), Pat McGrath (acoustic guitar), Mike Bub (upright bass), Justin Saunders (cello), Andy Leftwich (fiddle/mandolin), Steve Herrman (trumpet), Nathan Duggar (electric guitar), Giovanni Rodriguez (tambourine), Irene, Justyna & Sara Jean Kelley (lead & harmony vocals).

CD cover image by Stacie Huckeba. CD @ &

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