Terra Lightfoot

REVIEW: Terra Lightfoot “Healing Power”


Terra Lightfoot – Healing Power

Quite an upbeat outing comes courtesy of Terra Lightfoot (no relation to Gordon) who’s music is B-12 vitamin-driven. The opening tune “Cross Border Lovers,” is a scorcher with dynamic percussion, pop-melodic currency, liquidity in the guitars & Terra’s voice is an exercise in excitement. Quite engaged with her music.

Terra Lightfoot

There are 12-sparkling numbers on the 39-minute performance that is Healing Power (Drops Oct 13–Sonic Unyon). It may not line up as true Americana but the hints of American-inspired gusto traverses this set with varied flavors. Track 2 is “Need You Tonight,” which is a bit of a cliché title, but the music stands out. Rooted in the type of music that was always hitting the top 25 in the 60s with girl groups. Terra’s voice has that qualifying sweetness with tartness in equal measures. The band is tight & the backup singer’s sting.

What I enjoy is Terra’s wonderful multi-octave mezzo-soprano voice, her intonation, sharp phrasing, good tone & the whole repertoire being a musical sensibility for commercial & mainstream success. Nothing is sung with wimpyness, angst, or anxiety fashioning. Terra tempers each tune (“Long way Down”) with both The Crystals, Shangri-Las, Dusty Springfield, Blondie & Patti Smith overtures. Nice commercial-mainstream confection mix. Everything is held down with genuine exuberance – even the crisp lead guitars & steady drums ala new wave 70s bands. It’s nothing new but it can’t be denied its freshness & consistent melodic assets.

Ms. Lightfoot is Canadian & this effort is her 6th. There is little to bore anyone who listens because Terra’s voice is diversified & there are times when it sounds like someone else is taking the lead. There’s a nice Creedence Clearwater Revival-type junction with “Kept You In My Pocket,” that features Terra’s vocal exposure quite well. A bit of a Billy Joel vibe (“It’s Still Rock n’ Roll To Me”) comes through on “Anybody But Me.”

Recorded in Toronto & produced by Gus van Go (guitars/drums/percussion/bass/synths/keys) the album is an invigorating experience.

Highlights – “Cross Border Lovers,” “Need You Tonight,” “Long Way Down,” “Someone Else’s Feelings,” “The Only One of Your Kind,” “Anyone But Me,” “You Don’t Get Me Now,”

Musicians – Terra (vocals/guitar/keys/organ/synths/vibraphone), Elijah Abrams (bass), Glenn Milchem (drums), Thom D’Arcy (organ/effects) & David Matta (hand percussion).

A folded panel lyric insert is included. Color image courtesy of Mat Dunlap. CD @ Bandcamp + https://sonicunyonshop.com/en-us/collections/terra-lightfoot + https://www.terralightfoot.com/

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