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Video Premiere: Bill Abernathy “Hideaway”

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Bill Abernathy – “Hideaway”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Bill Abernathy’s song “Hideaway” from his forthcoming album More, due to be released on September 29.  More was produced by Larry Gann and Bill Abernathy, engineered and mastered by Larry Gann.  It was recorded at AweStruck Studios with album photography and art by Anderson Artwork.

“Hideaway” is Bill Abernathy on acoustic guitar and vocals; Kevin Rogers on electric guitar; Craig Kew on bass and fretless bass; Alex Cordero on keyboards and strings; and Larry Gann on drums and percussion.

This video was produced by MTS Records.

Bill Abernathy’s vocals sound like they were perfectly formed for storytelling. There’s just something about them.  And in this song and video they are asking for your unguarded honesty.

“Hideaway” started a while ago. I had a thought for this on my way to a session for another album after pretty deep conversation with a friend. I couldn’t get the conversation out of my mind. I pulled off the highway and texted the idea to myself so I wouldn’t forget it. That thought evolved into the bridge of the song.

You’ve built yourself a wall of denial

With bricks of deceit from your past

“Hideaway” was initially about that friend, but as I wrote it, I realized how much I was really talking about myself, realizing my resistance to open up to bigger opportunities in my emotional life. I was hiding away because I feared the prospect of opening up to someone else. Of being vulnerable. Of taking emotional risks. Of getting hurt. The last line in chorus is a challenge to myself to step out and take some risks emotionally, be open to opportunities to maybe, just maybe find love again.

Step out of the darkness, run from where you’ve been. Give yourself a chance to learn to love again. – Bill Abernathy 

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