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REVIEW: Van Plating “Orange Blossom Child”


Van Plating – Orange Blossom Child

With Orange Blossom Child, her third LP, Florida native Van Plating manages to merge the musical influences she heard growing up around the house (a lot of Bluegrass and Outlaw Country) with her own musical discovers including Tom Petty and Jeff Buckley, among others, for a refreshing take on Americana that manages to be both satisfyingly nostalgic and impressively unique.

She also invited a slew of musicians into the studio – from Reckless Kelly, The Damn Qualls and Boys Club For Girls to Elizabeth Cook, among many others – to help fill out the sound making for a surprisingly cohesive set despite the different styles of playing thrown into the mix. “I want it to be really clear that I made this thing; this was my specific vision and my objective,” Van Plating says. “I am the Orange Blossom Child, after all, and along the way, I invited people to join me in the process. The result is a creation that is so much larger, more colorful, and more lush than anything I could have created alone. No one is an island. This time, I didn’t create like one.”

Along with her powerfully emotive voice, Van Plating’s fiddle is weaved throughout the record. On the album’s strong title track you can clearly hear the Petty influences and the superb singalong, “The Heron,” is another moment where her pop/rock influences are hard to ignore. But it’s on songs like “Big Time Small Shot,” alongside Boys Club For Girls and “Joel Called The Ravens,” playing with the Ottoman Turks, where Van Plating really flexes her songwriting prowess. The album closes on “Joshua,” a slow haunting track that perfectly caps an album of diverse influences.

With Orange Blossom Child, Van Plating makes good on the promises made with her first two efforts, building to her most impressive album yet.

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