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REVIEW: Christina Martin “Storm”


Christina Martin – Storm

This 11-cut CD from Canadian singer Christina Martin was developed over several years. It digs deep into topics cushioned by reflections, emotions & memories that navigate through one’s mind as life goes on. It looks at recovery & assessing past experiences, difficulties & moving on.

All music & lyrics were composed by Christina & co-produced with Dale Martin. Christina (lead vocals/sonic delights) has a fluidity throughout her tone & can be as ethereal as Sarah McLachlan or Kate Bush, but her voice is subtle with sincerity as depicted on “Stay With Me,” which would’ve been better if it weren’t knotted in repetitive words. The urgency is distinguished but its musical breadth & it falls between the sweetness of the chorus. This requires an experienced producer. Good song, nonetheless. Catchy.

Storm (Drops Sept 1–Independent) opens with “Little Princess,” a fairly basic tune performed with finesse. Ms. Martin has a silky expressive vocal & her lyrics are engaging. I would have preferred the end of the tune to jam out to a fade on the basic melody because it just yearned for a dramatic instrumental coda.


“In Control,” is captivating. It’s simple but that throbbing beat supports her more seductive voicing as she proceeds through the broad sweeping style that always works in this manner. She provides just enough touch of soul without getting bogged down in something that could be contrived. This has zeal even though it doesn’t drive too hard. Nice.

Christina is adept at melodies that have a haunting air, ballads that are melodic & heart-tugging music that’s just integrated with exuberant paths. “Some Days,” is such. Nothing special on the surface but a tune that could tug a listener’s ears & not let go. A bit confessional in style but while Christina’s voice is not as jazzy as Laura Nyro or Madeliene Peyroux her tonality is more rooted in a pop-aggregation. She does have discernible gravity in her phrasing. This is lovely.


What’s admirable as well in this showcase is the use of varied instruments & less reliance on electronics. “Storm,” comes along as a wonderous song. Excellently performed. I listened to this several times. A compelling little ballad that indulges feelings with atmosphere. What is also worth pointing out is Christina’s ability to allow her music to hold back on the weirdness that can encapsulate such music. In one description I read that her music was “bombastic.” I didn’t encounter this in my listening.

There’s an imaginative blending of Nanci Griffith & Emmylou Harris tones (“Still In L.A.”) that renders Ms. Martin’s vocals genuinely Nashville/Austin. A pleasure to listen to.

Highlights – “Little Princess,” “In Control,” “Some Days,” “Storm” & “Still In L.A.”

Musicians – Jason Silverberg, Karen Graves, Dale Murray & Cameron MacDuffee (backing vocalists), Brian Murray (drums), Dale Murray (guitars/piano/sonics), Ian Bent (grand piano), Jason Vautour (bass), Jordi Comstock (drums/cowbell/percussion) & Karen Graves (violin/viola).

Photography courtesy of Cherakee Andresen. CD @ &


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