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REVIEW: Roselit Bone “Ofrenda”


Roselit Bone – Ofrenda

Roselit Bone

Listening to the Portland-based 8-piece band Roselit Bone’s new album Ofrenda, their fourth, is like listening to the soundtrack to an otherworldly Gothic Western film where characters from the songs of both  Marty Robbins’ Western tales and punk rock legends The Cramps numbers would feel at home.

On the album, the band melds together elements of country, rockabilly, jazz, and alternative music to create a distinctive and original collection of atmospheric songs that audibly mesmerize as they draw you in.

Frontwoman Charlotte McCaslin’s charismatic, haunting, and oftentimes mournful vocals delivered over the chaotic music of the band serve as an invitation to a dark musical world. As her voice bends and breaks emotively she captures the attention of the listener as she and the band spin tales based on the tumultuous nature of her personal life over the last few years.

Highlights include two songs that should be on everybody’s playlist for top singles of the year – the sinister, dark, and relentlessly driving “Your Gun”, and the rockabilly-infused scorcher “Crying in the USA”.  While the songs subtly represent two different styles of tunes that the band performs, they are also emblematic of the band’s vast talents in creating a wide array of original sounds.

Other highlights on the record include the contemplative and impassioned “Truth or Consequences,” the somber and heart-wrenching “Ain’t No Right Way To Feel,” and the stirring and intense closing titular track.

At the album’s end after listening to this brooding and hypnotic collection of songs, the listener is left with the same kind of feeling that occurs when you watch an offbeat but original movie and you can’t quite decide if you understand. What you do know is the fact that just like the movie which you want to watch again, you want to listen to this record again. It is one of those albums that because of its layered sound and lyrics, will reward your repeated spins.

Credits: Charlotte McCaslin- Vocals, guitar, Victor Franco – Guitar, vocals, Joe Benassi – Drums, Faith Grossnicklaus – Violin, John – England- Fisher – Trumpet, Russ London – Bass, Brian Crace – Guitar

Ofrenda by Roselit Bone will be available Friday, August 25th on the band’s website


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