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REVIEW: Old Crow Medicine Show “Jubilee”


Old Crow Medicine Show

There are common traits to the music of Americana veterans Old Crow Medicine Show dating back to their coming together as a band in 1998. Those commonalities include superbly written songs across the broad spectrum of American roots music, impeccable instrumentation, soaring vocal harmonies, and an unparalleled intensity and passion in performing their music in the studio or live on stage. 

On the aptly named Jubilee, their eighth studio album which commemorates their twenty-five years together, all of these traits are gloriously on display. 

Highlights of this wonderfully sprawling record include the poignant and impassioned “Miles Away” a tune about reclaiming a lost friendship, the feverish and fierce “Allegheny Lullaby” an instant anthem in which the main character is desperate to escape the Alleghenies and snarls repeatedly in true Springsteenian fashion, the hilarious juke joint send-up “Shit Kicked In” a song about searching for, finding, and taking a certain special stimulant, the breakneck bluegrass tune “Wolfman of the Ozarks” about a legendary creature roaming free in the Arkansas woods, and the rousing gospel number “ One Drop” featuring gospel legend Mavis Staples that will have you clapping your hands and stomping your feet in unison by song’s end.

From start to finish this collection of songs from one of America’s best and most consistent bands of the last twenty-five years not only celebrates American music but the characters of the songs as well. All are largely based on the people who inhabit rural America all across this land of ours and are treated by the band with unparalleled compassion, understanding, love, and joy.

Destined to be considered a classic of the 21st century like a number of the band’s other records, this album also serves as a fitting celebration of the band’s prodigious talent and abilities. Here’s to twenty-five years more and beyond for this exceptional and unrivaled band.

Jubilee was co-produced by Matt Ross-Spang and Old Crow Medicine Show with Sally Williams as the executive producer. It will be available on the band’s website this Friday, August 25th.

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