New Songs on the Road Map – May 2023

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New Songs on the Road Map – May 2023

Here’s a monthly roundup of only a small handful of the very beautiful and interesting new songs that crossed our path over the past weeks:

Alex Blizzy “Never Felt Better.” Alex is a Nashvillian and this song is from his debut album A Step Behind.  He comes out of the gate strong with some solid, likable country style Americana and great heartland rock energy.  This song in particular has some lovely guitar.  “I slept in these clothes last night and I don’t give a damn.”


Ryan Martin John “INFJ.” This song is from his recent release Goodness Gracious Graceless.  Harnessing some aspects of Dylan’s vocal tones, Ryan crafts solid Americana tunes.  Check them out.



Jude Brothers “torch bare / the boss.” From their latest album render tender / blunder sunder, Arkansas’  Jude Brothers gently comforts you with honesty and soul searching, climbing to the highest vocal peaks you can imagine.  Sounds a bit like Sarah Shook.  Find more information here:   https://judebrothersmusic.com/home


Goldschatz “Keep the Fire Burning.” Swiss Canadian duo Goldschatz toys with the sounds of the Grateful Dead’s “Truckin'” in a swingy, pleasing way then turns it into a catchy, catchy song with chilly good harmonies.. http://goldschatzmusic.com


harry hook is real “a beast is me.” The title track from his recently released album, this song takes you gently into the acoustic blues zone with finger pickin allure.  For the times you feel like maybe you are the “chaos in the order.”

Find more information here: https://www.harryhookisreal.com




New Songs on the Road Map – May 2023

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