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Video Premiere: Carsen Gray “Long Overdue”

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Carsen Gray – “Long Overdue”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of  Carsen Gray’s song “Long Overdue” from her forthcoming album.  The song was written by Justice McLellan. It was produced by John Graham, mixed by Owen Lewis, engineered by Joseph LaPlante, and mastered by Ted Jensen.  

“Long Overdue” is Carsen on vocals; Justice McClelland on guitar and keys; John Raham on drums; Darren Parris on bass; and Chris Gestrin on piano and synth.  The video was directed by Stuey Kubrick.   Honoring her late grandmother, Carsen sings “You are my best friend / My guardian angel from above / You gave me the confidence / A foundation I could trust.” Dreamy with echoes, this song creates sounds and a message that’ll make you believe could reach someone who has departed from this earth.  Sung with gratitude, lovely and cathartic.  

The song is a thank you and an expression of gratitude to those or someone who has been patient through your challenging moments in life. The narration comes from someone who has matured to the point where they now recognize that kind of grace and can even embody it themself and offer to it another. 

The visuals for the “Long Overdue” video serve as a touching tribute to my late grandmother, who was a pivotal figure in my life. Through the music video, I aim to honor her memory by highlighting her unwavering love and support. Additionally, the video serves as a reminder to cherish the memories of loved ones who were supportive in our lives, especially if there’s a feeling that we didn’t show or tell them enough how grateful we were for their encouragement. – Carsen Gray

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