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Song Premiere: Josie Bello “Thoughts And Prayers”

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Josie Bello – “Thoughts and Prayers”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Josie Bello’s song “Thoughts and Prayers” from her forthcoming album.  The song was recorded and produced by Mike Nugent. It was mixed and mastered by Kevin Kelly at The Workshoppe East, Huntington, NY.  “Thoughts and Prayer” was written by Frank Imburgio.

“Thoughts and Prayers” is Josie on vocals and accordion; and Mike Nugent on guitars and bass. Spoken voices on the recording in order of appearance are Frank Bello, Mike Nugent, Nancy Sirriani, and Linda Sussman.  As a nation we are seemingly in a feedback loop of inertia regarding firearm accidents and death. As an artist, Josie Bello takes up the task here of asking us to wake up and consider it with more of a real solution in mind.  Easygoing and thought-provoking, heartfelt and real.

It is a disgrace that firearm-related injury is the leading cause of death in children and adolescents in America; this song calls out the politicians who routinely offer thoughts and prayers for the victims and families of shootings without taking any meaningful action to curb gun violence in our country. — Josie Bello

The song is available for streaming everywhere or you can purchase downloads:

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