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Song Premiere: Scott Zosel “House of Cards”

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Scott Zosel – “House of Cards”

Scott Zosel
photo by Mike Woodside

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Scott Zosel’s song “House of Cards” from his forthcoming album Saturday’s Child. The album was produced by Greg Schutte (Boom Island Recording).  It was mastered by Rob Schlette of Anthem Mastering.

“House of Cards” is Scott Zosel on vocals, electric and acoustic guitars; Greg Schutte on drums; Dan Schwartz on lead and atmospheric guitars; Nick Salisbury on bass; Kelly Jordahl on backing vocals;  Tommy Babarella on keyboard.

This song is poetic with a certain era of Beatles-esque production quality, especially in the harmonies.  “This tiny room I share with you, I’ve grown to love….I love you now just the way you are.”  Pleasant and lovely.

“House of Cards” originated as a free-form poem that became a song upon the discovery of a Latin American chord sequence that has been used widely in many Pop songs. This chance meeting of lyrics and melody worked almost instantly. Everything fell right into place, as the bouncy mid-tempo style was a perfect framework to sell the ‘house or cards’ narrative. It is a departure for me in some ways, a contrast to some of my more rootsy stylings, but still very Americana from my vantage point. My favorite song on the record for that reason. — Scott Zosel

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