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REVIEW: Josie Bello “Resilience”


Josie Bello has a new album of folk songs available as of this February 2nd: Resilience.  The album was
produced and recorded by Mike Nugent at “Melts In Your Ears” studio.  Mixing was by Kevin Kelly of The Workshoppe East, and it was mastered by Glenn Barratt and Erik Balkey at Morningstar Studios.

Bello has the interesting and relatively unusual talent of being an accordion player, which lends a European relaxing energy to the songs.  Harmonica by Jim Small punctuates them, with the guitar work by Mike Nugent stretching itself throughout the album like a river switching back through a canyon.

The album carries a theme of resilience (as per its apt title) and motivation to keep going.

“Rising” is a thoughtful song about a bird sensing danger, in a clear metaphor about life.  “The Sound of Guitars” repeats the call to action we hear echoed in each song, as “set to music.”

“Coffee Shop Open Mic” adds accordion to the arrangement, where images like “they let us play til closing time,” remind us of our very favorite haunts. “Too Many Changes” is a lament on the ennui produced by awareness of the passage of time.

Josie Bello’s vocals crackle with intent, and her songwriting is very direct.  The songs all take aim at encouraging folks to overcome life’s all-too-real, and often too-numerous, obstacles.

Nine songs long, this album is available through her website linked below. Musicians on the record are Josie Bello on vocals, keys, and accordion; Mike Nugent on guitars, bass, dobro, and vocals; Shawn Murray on drums and percussion; Jim Small on harmonica; Richie Guerrero on percussion (on “Resilience,” and “Sound of Guitars”) and Shawn Dolan on percussion on “Rising.”

Check out her song premiere, here: Song Premiere: Josie Bello Resilience

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