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Video Premiere: Gary Brewer “Old Brown Case”

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Gary Brewer – “Old Brown Case”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Gary Brewer’s version of Norman Blake’s song “Old Brown Case.” Gary has an all-guitar project dropping on 6/30 called Gary Brewer’s House of Axes.  This album was produced by Wayne Brewer; engineered by Mason Brewer, mixed by Gary, Wayne, and Mason Brewer; and mastered by Brad Bass.  It was recorded at Brewgrass Entertainment Studio.

Gary plays different ones from his collection (see full list below of songs + guitars). The next single is set for release on May 26. Norman Blake’s “Old Brown Case” is Gary plays his 1941 Martin D-28 Herringbone.

This video is only Gary on the guitar. Videography is courtesy of Rare Bird Productions, with video production and graphic design by Alyssa Brewer.  This is a double-dose for music history aficionados, with Gary on the ’41 Martin playing Norman Blake’s song.  Watch, listen, and be mesmerized by the timeless resonance of this unique song and Gary Brewer’s stylish commitment.  

“The Old Brown Case” was written by Norman Blake. I recorded it originally almost 30 years ago. I learned it from Norman Blake’s Fields of November album. Ironically, Norman wrote the liner notes on my “Guitar” album that also featured ‘The Old Brown Case.” To quote Norman at the time, ‘Gary, doesn’t note, note, note just for the sake of noting.’ “The Old Brown Case” is not your typical flat picking guitar song. It is in the key of A minor and it spans the entire neck of the guitar as well as low E to high E on the strings. It was written and originally recorded by Norman and myself as a solo guitar recording. It covers rhythm as well as lead at the same time.
I have featured this on all my tour dates (nearly every show for over 30 years). It has stood the test of time and I believe it will continue to inspire guitar enthusiasts for years to come. – Gary Brewer


You can order and save the music here:

House of Axes Track Listing:
1. “Old Brown Case” – 1941 Martin D-28 Herringbone
2. “Southern Flavor” – 2007 Martin D-41 Porter Wagoner Custom Signature
3. “Sourwood Ridge” – 1968 Martin D-28
4. “White Horse Breakdown” – 1992 Mossman Texas Plains Model
5. “Old Minor Joe Clark” – 1948 Martin D-28
6. “Little Rosewood Casket” – 1959 Martin D-28 E
7. “Tom Rock Twist” – 1997 Stelling RHD-125
8. “Foggy Mountain Top” – Lonesome Road Blues – 1899 Martin 0-28 Herringbone
9. “Little Brown Jug” – 1957 Silvertone

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