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Video Premiere: Jessica Rhaye “I Feel Fine”

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Jessica Rhaye and the Ramshackle Parade – “I Feel Fine”

Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Jessica Rhaye’s song “I Feel Fine,” from her forthcoming album Sunshine Baby. Sunshine Baby was produced by Dale Murray with Jessica and the Ramshackle  Parade; recorded, engineered and mixed by Dale Murray, and mastered by John McLaggan.

Musicians on “I Feel Fine” are Jessica Rhaye on vocals and acoustic guitar; Bill Preeper on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and auto harp; Sandy MacKay on electric bass, acoustic guitar, and mandolin; Chris Braydon on electric and baritone guitars; Jordi Comstock on drums and percussion; Clinton Charlton on pre-production drums, percussion and synth arrangements; and Dale Murray on synth and group singing with Christina Martin.

The video was Video directed, produced and edited by Jordan Mattie.  It was conceptualized and co-produced by Jessica.  Musicians filmed in the video are Jessica Rhaye, Bill Preeper, Sandy MacKay, Chris Braydon, and Clinton Charlton.  It was shot in Jessica’s basement rehearsal studio.  With a hint of “That 70s Show” this video really ties the song together with an apt visual back story of authentic performance — lots of peeks at the equipment. Jessica has a strong, powerful and intrinsically mournful vocal quality which she uses for power and hushed whispers too.  “Ask me and I’ll tell you, I’m fine.”  Great performance.

We had a lot of fun making this one.  We gave my basement a “That 70’s Show” vibe, rented and set up a bunch of colourful, flashing stage lights and a fog machine, wore some fun band Tshirts and we danced like no one was watching! 

“I Feel Fine” is about being able to feel and experience all the emotional waves in life and to know you’re going to be ok. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to feel upset, angry, mad, or sad – it’s ok to feel all the feels. Though I strive to be happy in life, I definitely struggle sometimes with the notion of it. To be happy and feel fine all the time is just not realistic. So when I get asked “How Are You Today?” like so many people, I will generally respond with “I’m Fine” – whether I genuinely am or even feel fine at that moment. This line in the song simply captures that notion – “Crying is the only way to feel good these days, it’s all in my mind, ask me and I’ll tell you, I’m fine.” Our days are full of ups and downs, and that’s all ok – by surrounding myself with the people I love and trust and can fall on and talk to it truly helps me navigate through the turbulence of life. — Jessica Rhaye

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