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Video Premiere: Jill Rogers and Crying Time “Bird Song”

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Jill Rogers and Crying Time — “Bird Song”

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Jill Rogers and Crying Time’s song “Bird Song,” the opening track from their recently released album Many Worlds Theory. The album was produced by the band. It was recorded and mixed by Myles Boisen at Guerrilla Recording.  Myles also mastered the album at his Headless Buddha Mastering lab.

“Bird Song” is Jill Rogers in vocals and guitar; Myles Boisen on electric guitar and pedal steel;  Tony Marcus on violin; Russell Kiel on bass; and Tim Rowe on drums.

The video was shot by Crying Time drummer Tim Rowe. It’s an honest black and white recording of Crying Time playing at their regular Monday night rehearsal spot in Oakland, California. Comfortable and relaxed in their familiar setting, it’s a perfect setting for precisely this song, since its topic is  nostalgia and moving away from hime. Flashes of color scenes provide just a glimpse of optimism.  Jill’s vocals are easy and inviting, and if you’ve ever been trapped in a loveless relationship (haven’t we all?) this one will be salve for your soul.

“Bird Song” really isn’t the story of my divorce, but it could have been. I was thinking about how things can feel so bad sometimes in a relationship, especially one nearing its end, and how trapped you can feel in a space, but just outside, if you walk out the door, there’s the garden, there’s the road, there’s the possibility of something entirely different. The pedal steel in that song is sort of the voice of other possibilities. — Jill Rogers

You can find the music here on Band Camp: https://cryingtime.bandcamp.com/album/many-worlds-theory



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