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Video Premiere: Andrina Turenne “Long Winter Nights”

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Andrina Turenne — “Long Winter Nights”

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Andrina Turenne’s song “Long Winter Nights” from her forthcoming album Bold as Logs, which is due to be released on April 28. Songs on the album were arranged and performed by Andrina Turenne, Damon Mitchell, Grant Siemens.  It was produced by Grant Siemens; engineered by J Riley Hill; mixed by Steve Christensen; and mastered by Christopher Longwood.

The video was directed by Gwen Trutnau with camerawork and editing by Kristiane Church and Dylan Baillie; and makeup by Megan Wilson. It was shot on Location in St-Malo Manitoba and featured the St-Malo Boogie Wheel Club.  Northern amounts of snow, a snowmobile, and both the video and the song capture the simple raw reality of life — no filter.

When asked about what inspires me, my first thought is always my parents and their friends who taught me the joy of making music with others, singing around campfires. That is the very place from which I want this project to grow. I collaborated in groups for nearly 20 years of my life, and I learned so much, musically and creatively. I always loved the give and take of the process and I’m so grateful I get to make beautiful sounds with people I consider family, while learning to navigate the industry and all that comes with it. — Andrina Turenne

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