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Video Premiere: Dan Montgomery “Start Again”

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Dan Montgomery  — “Start Again” 

Americana Highways is hosting this premiere of Dan Montgomery’s song “Start Again” from his forthcoming album Cast-Iron Songs and Torch Ballads, due to be released on April 7.  The album was produced by Robert Maché and Dan Montgomery; engineered by James Cunningham; mixed by Robert Maché, and mastered by Jeffrey Reed.  It was mastered to vinyl by Jeff Powell.  The songs were recorded at The Shack in the Back in Memphis. 

“Start Again” is Dan Montgomery on vocals and electric guitar; Robert Maché on slide guitar and vocals; Candace Maché on vocals; James Cunningham on drums and percussion; and Tom Arndt on bass and vocals. Gorgeous desert sunset footage — mile after mile — is visual reinforcement of the song’s focus on starting over.  Every life has several chapters, and Dan Montgomery hones us in on that feeling we get when the page turns, there’s an ending and, at the same time, a brand new beginning.  

“Start Again” is a song about new beginnings, fresh starts and an empty page. To some excitement, to some sheer trepidation. How you handle it is up to you. It’s not like you can stop time. While not written at all about the pandemic a lot of people are pointing to this song as an early Post Pandemic song. – Dan Montgomery

Find more of his music here: https://danmontgomery.bandcamp.com/album/cast-iron-songs-and-torch-ballads

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