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Video Premiere: Mary Scholz “Talk to Me”

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Mary Scholz — “Talk to Me” 

Americana Highways brings you this video premiere of Mary Scholz‘s song “Talk to Me” from her recently released album Begin Again.  The album was produced by Jonathan Wilson (Angel Olsen, Father John Misty, Connor Oberst); mixed by Dave Cerminara; mastered by Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood and released by KZZ Music via The Orchard.

Musicians on the song are Mary Scholz on piano and vocals; William Gramling on organ;  Rob Humphries on drums and percussion; Ted Russell Kamp on bass; Zachary Ross on electric guitar and Jonathan Wilson on sub bass synth.

The video was directed by Mariel Neto; produced by Mary Scholz, Mariel Neto, and KZZ Music; with Adam Bial Director of Photography.  It was edited by Mary Scholz with color by Andy Inglat; HMU was Jenny Karl; AC was Jonathan Garduno; Tommy Oceanak as gaffer/key grip; James Bragg on swing; and Samantha Aurelio on set PA.

This song tackles something head on: people who no longer talk to one another.  Contemporary society has cultivated the habit of hanging up and closing down to anyone we disagree with, and this song takes that up as a challenge.  Shouldn’t we communicate and talk it through?  It’s all down in a musically upbeat, bouncy and very catchy arrangement.  

We had such a great time bringing these characters, and their bright world, to life for the Talk to Me music video. The song is an upbeat outlet for frustration – why is it so hard to have a real conversation? Why are so many folks stuck on their high horse, or determined to be a brick wall? In order to ride the line between the peppy tone and the underlying irritation, [director] Mariel Neto and I wanted to create alter egos who approached the same issue differently from each other, paying homage to the bright colors, videos, and wardrobes of the 90s/early 2000s, and those telethons we all knew and loved/chuckled at. The song, and the characters, look you in the eye and challenge your aversion to discussion. (Which, admittedly, we all feel from time to time.) — Mary Scholz

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