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Video Premiere: Mary Scholz “Into the Wind”

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Americana Highways is hosting this video premiere of Mary Scholz’s song “Into the Wind,” from her recent song release in partnership with Blue Élan Records co-founder Kirk Pasich. “Into the Wind” was produced by: with the album artwork painting by Mary Scholz; co-produced and engineered by Jason Hiller and Zachary Ross; mixed by Jason Hiller; and mastered by Lazerus.  Album graphic design is courtesy of Zachary Ross.

Musicians on “Into the Wind” are Mary Scholz on acoustic guitar, vocals, and pump organ; Zachary Ross on electric and acoustic guitars; and Ed Maxwell on upright bass.

The video was filmed by Kremer and Johnson with Mary Scholz’s editing; SteadiCam by Nick Muller; and sound by Blake Christian and Zack Darling.  It was produced by Scholz and KZZ Music.

“Into the Wind” is an encouraging song that dances with mortality.  Mary Scholz’s songbird vocals add a dose of comfort and extend a hand of optimism to the darkness of grief.

What a day we had for filming! It was 110 degrees in Joshua Tree, we had blown a flat tire on the way out, had to replace equipment stolen out of a parked car before arriving…and yet found peaceful centering once camera and sound were rolling, despite the heat of the afternoon. That’s what the song is ultimately about – taking a breath, centering yourself, and finding peace in the midst of the madness of life. — Mary Scholz

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