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Song Premiere: Lillian Leadbetter “Sophia”

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Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Lillian Leadbetter’s song “Sophia” from her forthcoming album State of Romance.  The album was produced by Eli Gold; engineered by Dan Rome; mixed by Sebastian Sesame and Lillian; and recorded at Future Fields in Burlington Vermont.  It was mastered by Alan Silverman.  Lillian Leadbetter was the executive producer and also did the photography and cover design. 

“Sophia” is Lillian Leadbetter on vocals and backing vocals; Connor Young on trumpet and flugelhorn; Ben Rodgers on pedal steel; and Eli gold on guitars, bass, and piano. Thoughtful melodic acoustic guitars and sustained pedal steel create the reflective atmosphere for this song, and paint a picture of another way of defining intimacy and romance, far beyond their tight mainstream confines.  “I hope your shade of lipstick brightens up your day… oh Sophia, my muse.” Lovely.

State of Romance  is a vignette from a time when I was hurting, learning, healing and growing toward myself with heartbreak as my guide. From the end of one heartbreak to the beginning of another, I learned to embrace beauty at every turn. I began to expand my definition of “romance” beyond the conventional. “Romance” became so much more, it became my way of life. — L. Leadbetter

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