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Song Premiere: Jake Ybarra “BloodFire”

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Jake Ybarra — “BloodFire”

Americana Highways brings you this premiere of Jake Ybarra’s song “BloodFire” from his forthcoming album Something in the Water, due to be released on April 7 via Charlotte Avenue Entertainment.  The song will be released on March 31. The album was produced by William Gawley, recorded at The Castle Studios in Nashville; engineered and mixed by Bryce Roberts with assisting engineer Cory Halterman.

“BloodFire” is Jake Ybarra on guitar and vocals; Billy Thomas on drums and backing vocals; Dow Tomlin on bass; David Flint on acoustic and electric guitar; and Dane Bryant on piano and keys.  Jake Ybarra has a Southern roots rock flair, and this song flaunts it.   With driving rhythms and a glimpse into the dark side, this is a great summertime celebration song.

“BloodFire” was really an exercise in writing to the music. I had a riff that I really liked and I heard it in my head as a driving rock and roll song. However I didn’t want to sacrifice storytelling in order to make the song work. I wanted to still tell a story but I wanted it to match the intensity of the music. So I ended up writing about this intense person who has maybe been hurt in the past and just isn’t going to take crap anymore. It was a fun song to write and a really fun one to play live. – Jake Ybarra

Here is the order and pre-save link for “BloodFire”: https://orcd.co/00z8kbr


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